Off to Tennessee

My husband Derek got a job as a full-time lecturer of graphic design at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, so we’re moving!

Derek had three applications out, one to Chattanooga, and two others in the Houston area. He made it to the second round of interviews for all three positions. I’m proud of him.

The other two jobs did not work out, and staying in Houston certainly would have been easier, but we are both happy with this outcome.

For as long as I can remember, I have said that I would like to live in Tennessee, and now that’s happening.

I can’t speak for Derek much, but Chattanooga seems like the perfect place for me.

I am glad that Chattanooga is still south enough that the winters are mild, but there will be more variation in the seasons now. I am most excited to see some decent fall foliage. Chattanooga is nicknamed Scenic City, and what could be more perfect for someone who loves the outdoors?

There was also a series of Civil War battles in the area during the Chattanooga campaign, in Oct-Nov. of 1863. As a Civil War buff, I am excited to get to explore these places.

Chattanooga is a travel hub, being close to many different cities. Atlanta, Huntsville, Knoxville and Nashville are all about two hours away. I am looking forward to exploring a new and wide area of the country.

I also love trains, and seeing the Chattanooga Choo Choo is top on my list. Not to mention the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and their excursion trips.

We are originally from Pennsylvania (where we went to college, met and married) and of the things that I miss the most about that area is the mountains. Chattanooga is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and one of the Civil War Battles occurred on nearby Lookout Mountain. I will be happy to have this scenery again.

There is a Riverfront area – the Tennessee River flows through Chattanooga – with farmers markets, restaurants, parks, a pedestrian bridge, kayak rentals and summer concerts.

Yes, I think I will like it there.

I know that Derek will like the fact that Chattanooga has the fastest internet in the United States and at an affordable price too. Chattanooga is also the first city to have its own typeface – an interesting fact for someone who loves typography.

I will definitely miss Houston, but knowing that I will like Chattanooga makes it easier to say goodbye.

There is a lot that we did not get to do in Texas. Unfortunately, there was not enough money, and not enough time. Perhaps we can come back for a visit someday.

Hopefully this will be remedied, with us having two incomes, and Derek not having to work on his master’s thesis on the weekends anymore. Plus, we hope to stay in Chattanooga for longer as well. We were in Houston for three years, for the duration of Derek’s master program.

Derek left on July 31st. He took mostly everything, including the cats, with him in a rental truck, and towed one of the cars behind it. I have been sleeping on a cot in an empty apartment.

We had to sign a 60 day vacate notice, and because we had little notice ourselves, this means we have our apartment in Houston until Sept 12.

If I can’t find a job before then, I will keep working at the Houston Chronicle, where I am a production editor, up until that date. I have been applying for jobs, but so far no luck. I do hope that we do not have to be separated for the full amount of time.

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