The Blueberry Farm

We picked blueberries at The Blueberry Farm in LaFayette, Georgia this morning. We had a nice time, and we picked enough blueberries to last us a while!

The Blueberry Farm is open every day except for Wednesdays. Because of the pandemic, there was no contact with anyone during the process. There were clean buckets (labeled as such) on a picnic table by the parking lot. There are three different ways to pay: you can scan a QR code and pay digitally, or drop cash or a check into the payment box. The blueberries are $10 per gallon. You have to bring your open type of container to bring the blueberries home.

We arrived early, before 9 a.m. (it is open earlier than that) and we only saw one other person. We headed to the very back of the fields and did not see another soul until we left.

When we lived in Pennsylvania, we lived near a blueberry farm, and we went every summer. Those blueberry bushes were tiny in comparison to the ones at The Blueberry Farm, which has been established for a lot longer. Their website says that some of the original bushes are from the 70s! They are super tall! It is helpful that Derek is much taller than me. We made quick work by him picking at the top and me picking near the bottom.

I am looking forward to blueberries as a breakfast side and snack for the next few weeks!

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