Snowy Saturday

In the three winters that we’ve spent in Chattanooga, it has snowed enough to have accumulation only twice. Both of those times were on Saturdays. It snowed in February, 2020, and now in March 2022.

On Saturday morning we woke up to a blanket of white. We bundled up, because it was COLD, and we took some photos.

First we started at our apartment complex, and I took some close up shots.

Snow Day3
Snow Day2

Then we headed to a tiny park near our apartment. There were a ton of birds there. I really like this picture I ended up taking, with all the robins both in the foreground and background.

Snow Day11

Our last stop was to check out the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge, and we lucked out. Not only was it covered in snow, but hardly anyone was out, so we had the bridge mostly to ourselves.

Snow Day21
Snow Day33
Snow Day32
Snow Day27
Snow Day23

Saturday Snow

We woke up on Saturday morning to a surprise winter wonderland.

We got about three inches of snow, when only about half an inch was predicted.

It was the perfect kind of snow (for me at least). It was on a weekend, so we didn’t have to drive anywhere in it, and by the time it stopped snowing, it immediately started to melt! Most of it was gone by the end of the day.

As much as I don’t like lingering snows, I do like to photograph it when it is freshly falling. We have a lot of trees near our apartment, which made for some nice wooded scene photos. My favorite is when the snow clings to all of the tree branches.

While it has flurried quite a bit here this winter, I think this is the one and only true snowfall we might get. Weeks ago, a local meteorologist said that Chattanooga’s average date that starts the downhill of winter is Jan. 21! After that, it gets warmer and we get closer to spring.

When we first moved here, we were told that this is usually how snow goes. It happens, but it doesn’t last long. Last year, Chattanooga did not get any snow.

We haven’t been getting out much for the past few weeks, and when that happens I’m always itching to go out and photograph something new, so I was happy for the opportunity.

Snow Day1
Snow Day2
Snow Day7
Snow Day6
Snow Day11
Snow Day15
Snow Day18
Snow Day20
Snow Day25